Tactics That Businesses Can Deploy To Make Themselves Sustainable Long Term Especially In The Form Of Regenerative Marketing And Collaborative Exchange

So I just read this pretty neat article on MIT SLOAN Management Review by Jay Friedlander. He proposes various tactics that businesses can deploy to make themselves sustainable long term especially in the form of regenerative marketing and collaborative exchange.

Figure: Tactics for Sustainable Enterprises

This suite of 15 tactics offers companies established methodologies to reimagine their enterprise, sketch out scenarios, and plan new initiatives and ventures.


He gives good examples for both regenerative marketing and collaborative exchange in the article.

Author: Venkata Gandikota

Venkata has more than 13 years of technical engineering, research, ideation, strategy and business modeling experience. Based on his experience with the Indian market and realizing also the need for affordable & sustainable solutions for Finland and other European markets, he started The Nordic Frugal Innovation Society in late 2013 with 2 colleagues. By organizing ideation workshops and 2 major conferences involving Cities, Universities, and businesses he started to mainstream the concept in Finland and the Nordics. Gandikota has also written several articles focusing on frugal innovations in the Finnish media. He has also been helping Finnish businesses in India as CEO of Indianeer Consulting and gives guest lectures at JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä. He has a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from India and a Masters in Environmental Engineering from USA.