Engie And Orange Are Jointly Developing Off-grid Solutions In West Africa That Would Be Paid Via Mobile Phone Credit

Engie Seeks to Tap Off-Grid Solar to Power Millions in Africa ‪#‎frugal‬ ‪#‎accessible‬ ‪#‎solutions‬.

In an article on Bloomberg, Engie (a French utility formerly known as GDF Suez) has signed an agreement with Orange SA, the French telecom company, to jointly develop off-grid products that would be paid for through mobile phone credit. They are currently working on pilot projects in West Africa.

“The world is changing. Our chairman used to say that we are building power plants with 1,000 megawatts. With solar and wind farm, we have gone down to just 1 megawatt,” Bensasson said. “With solar home systems and mini-grids we are going down to kilowatts or watts. As a power company we can and we must accompany this shift.”