New York Magazine- Olympic Athletes Show That It Is Good To Set Goals But More Important To Focus On The Process

So, XXXI Olympiad aka Rio 2016 is already here and the opening ceremonies are set for tomorrow, August 5th.

In honor of all the determination, grit and otherworldy focus that the olympic athletes bring to the table, there is something what the rest of us can learn from them: Set Goals But Focus On The Process


Here is a great anecdote from New York Magazine:

At the United States Track and Field Olympic Team Trials in Eugene, Oregon, 28-year-old Brenda Martinez was in prime position to win her best event, the 800-meter run, which would qualify her for the Olympics for the very first time. But with less than 100 meters to go, a trailing runner tripped and fell forward into Martinez, throwing her off balance. She was able to regain her footing, but not before being passed by a handful of other runners who would secure the three Olympic spots. It was devastating to watch.

Martinez could have been distraught and dejected. She failed (and largely due to bad luck) to achieve her goal of making the Olympics in her strongest event. But instead of feeling sorry for herself, Martinez told reporters that she was focused on getting ready for the 1500-meter run, the other event she was competing in. “The track doesn’t care about your feelings,” she said. “You’ve just got to move forward.”

And move forward she did. Less than one week later, in the 1500 meters, Martinez literally dove across the finish line to secure third place — by three one-hundredths of a second — earning her the opportunity to represent the United States in Rio.