Gave A Talk At “Visit Startup India” Pre-Event At Aalto Ventures Program In Espoo Today

The Nordic Frugal Innovation Society (TNFIS) is a partner with Startup Europe India Network.

Startup Europe India Network (SEU-IN) connects the European and Indian Startup ecosystems. It is a partner for growth, investments, and strategic sourcing in the European and Indian digital markets. SEU-IN works with Startups, Investors, and Corporates to accelerate growth, investments and innovation. SEU-IN is set out as the key initiative for Startups in the “Agenda for action 2020” between EU and India.

SEU-IN is organising for the first time an event to help jump start it’s mission in a big way Between October 17-20, 2016, it is taking a delegation of EU startup ecosystem actors to India. It contains 2 parts.

Part 1: VISIT STARTUP INDIA (“VSI”) takes a selected group of European Startup ecosystem players to visit India and meet with with their counter-parts and policy makers in Delhi and Bengaluru.

Part 2: On the final day of the visit, VSI participants also attend the Startup EU India Summit (“SEIS”) in Bengaluru.

Did a pre-event at Aalto Ventures Program this afternoon to spread the word and Praveen Paranjothi from SEU-IN joined in via Skype to answer questions posed by the attendees. Thanks to AVP for hosting and for the free Coffee/Tea for the attendees.

Source: Aalto Ventures Program
Source: Aalto Ventures Program

Interested? Check out the website links provided above or reach out to me via email or twitter.

I will Be Talking At Visit Startup India Pre-Event At Aalto Ventures Lab at 13:00 On August 30, 2016

Would you like to hear the hottest news from Indian startup scene?

Come on Tuesday 30.8 to AVP Space – Tongji Lounge to hear how Startup Europe’s partner TNFIS ( is connecting European and Indian startup and investor ecosystems – startups, scaleups, investors, corporates and policy makers.

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I will be speaking along with a Skype video in from Praveen Paranjothi of Startup Europe India Network to answer your questions.


VISIT STARTUP INDIA (“VSI”) is a mission to take the European startup ecosystem (startups, scaleups, corporates, investors) to meet with the key-players in the Indian digital & ICT space in Delhi and Bengaluru, two major startup hubs.

VSI is organized by Startup Europe India Network (“SEU-IN”), in collaboration with Startup Europe initiative of the European Commission. JOIN the visit and meet with key Indian startups, investors, corporate innovators, and hear directly from the Indian policy makers on the startup environment and the Indian market opportunities. VSI participants also attend the high-profile Startup EU-India Summit in Bengaluru on their final day of the visit.

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Startup Europe India Summit (SEIS) is a huge startup event exploring both growth and investment opportunities but also exploring insights about the European and Indian digital markets. In this pre-event you have a possibility to hear beforehand what are the biggest themes of the event and what cool is actually happening there.

Event is free for everybody so don’t miss this chance. See you there!

Read more about Visit Startup India Summit: