Reliance Jio, Leading Telecom Operator In India, Is Combining High-speed Data With Low-to-mid Range Phones.

Reliance Jio’s plan in India is to sign up 100 million users in one year before commercial launch suggesting that they want to combine 4G data with low-to-mid range phones. Great way to scale and make accessible, affordable solutions.

Reliance Jio’s Lyf mobile phones will be priced between Rs.4,000 and Rs.19,000—a price segment that has products from a plethora of device makers who are aiming to capture a slice of the market, two people familiar with the matter said, requesting anonymity.

“It was a conscious decision to be in this range because this is where the maximum offtake happens in India. Secondly, if you see, India is becoming a single-device country. From home to workplace, a majority of the people consume news, videos on mobile phones; so people need good handsets and people want to invest in one product which is cheap and yet of good quality,” said one of the two people.

The unique selling proposition of these devices will be their ability to convert an ongoing voice call to a data call at a single command without interrupting or disconnecting the call.