InnoFrugal 2016 Post Conference Survey Results

We did a survey after InnoFrugal 2016 concluded in April 16-17, 2016.

Want o give a shoutout again to the volunteers, sponsors, knowledge partners, speakers, panelists, workshops facilitators, exhibitors and last but not least the attendees themselves in making the 2nd edition of InnoFrugal hugely successful!

I did a neat infographic that I shared on our TNFIS Blog and now I also want to share it here.



Gave A Talk At “Visit Startup India” Pre-Event At Aalto Ventures Program In Espoo Today

The Nordic Frugal Innovation Society (TNFIS) is a partner with Startup Europe India Network.

Startup Europe India Network (SEU-IN) connects the European and Indian Startup ecosystems. It is a partner for growth, investments, and strategic sourcing in the European and Indian digital markets. SEU-IN works with Startups, Investors, and Corporates to accelerate growth, investments and innovation. SEU-IN is set out as the key initiative for Startups in the “Agenda for action 2020” between EU and India.

SEU-IN is organising for the first time an event to help jump start it’s mission in a big way Between October 17-20, 2016, it is taking a delegation of EU startup ecosystem actors to India. It contains 2 parts.

Part 1: VISIT STARTUP INDIA (“VSI”) takes a selected group of European Startup ecosystem players to visit India and meet with with their counter-parts and policy makers in Delhi and Bengaluru.

Part 2: On the final day of the visit, VSI participants also attend the Startup EU India Summit (“SEIS”) in Bengaluru.

Did a pre-event at Aalto Ventures Program this afternoon to spread the word and Praveen Paranjothi from SEU-IN joined in via Skype to answer questions posed by the attendees. Thanks to AVP for hosting and for the free Coffee/Tea for the attendees.

Source: Aalto Ventures Program
Source: Aalto Ventures Program

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